The smallest man in Danbury

Danbury's Newstimes contained an article about Alfonso Robinson, who, by his own words, is the latest target of U.S.C.F.I.L.E. (United States Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement). According to my intrepertation of Alfonso's rant, we're Danbury’s local extremist group and consortium of immigrant haters, and designated enforcers of Danbury's Nazi ethnic extermination agenda. This writer has been involved in USCFILE since it's inception. I guess I missed that meeting.

Seems, according to Mr. Robinson, one of our members left a rather unpleasant, racist note on his car. Thanks to the pure logic, truth, eyewitnesses, and photographic evidence provided by Mr. Robinson directly linking us to this purported racial letter, we are now also unbiased racists who hate everybody who isn’t a full blooded, White Anglo-Saxon American. Clearly, we’ve been found out. Only the meticulous, thorough, analytical skills of Alfonso Robinson, and his bulletproof eyewitnesses and photographic evidence linking our group to the note placed on his car could have broken this case so easily. Right??

Well, first, you need a little history about Mr. Robinson. Alfonso hosts a local Danbury blog that nobody reads. It is as insignificant to the internal politics and citizens of Greater Danbury as he himself is. Any person or organization in Greater Danbury who possesses one ounce of integrity, morality, patriotism, or who abides by the laws of the land is an easy target for Alfonso, especially if they aren’t in lockstep with HIS morality, or lack therof. This is clearly the reason ol’ Alfonso targeted U.S.C.F.I.L.E. Our organization, as a whole, possesses all the traits, honor, patriotism, and integrity Alfonso knows he will surely never achieve, and it’s eating him alive. He craves attention, and will do or say anything to achieve it. Tuesdays article is proof of his addiction.

If we're not xenophobes, nazi's, bigots, teabaggers, immigrant haters, then what could be the possible purpose of our orginization if we're against immigration? What, EXACTLY, does USCFILE want. Who is USCFILE, and what IS our agenda, our mission? Who are we "after"? Alfonso?

USCFILE represents a group of individuals, citizens, and yes, immigrants and descendants of immigrants, who, above everything else, believe in obeying the laws of the land. Citizens who live by the law expect others to follow suit. They also expect, or rather, DEMAND, that the laws of the land are enforced by the same government that created them. Simply, it’s the correct way to be an American and a Patriot, and to live in a civilized society, with a responsible government. America is a nation of laws, laws carefully crafted by our predecessors for the benefit of its citizens, both strong and weak. This is America.

Americans come from all walks of life, and from all places around the globe. In fact, every single member of USCFILE is an Immigrant. It's true. Every one of us. Yet Alfonso accuses the organization of being racist, bigoted, and a local hate group, destined to be snubbed, and silenced due to our violent, racist, extremist agenda towards Immigrants. HUH?

Simply put, and first off, USCFILE is NOT against immigration. We stand with all immigration enforcement groups in this respect, and it's very simple. Uscfile simply recognizes a distinct and clear difference between an Immigrant and an Illegal Alien. For some people, actually most, including ALL pro-immigration and pro-amnesty groups, there is a gray area here, a place where illegals, and immigrants blend together somehow. At USCFILE there is no gray area, there are only facts, and existing laws; they are two separate entities.

The immigrant is eager to become a part of the greatest country on the planet, and willing to pay a price for our freedom and liberty. An immigrant obeys the laws and rules of America from the day they decide to come to America. They eagerly, and with great anticipation, apply to be guests of America, waiting in line, sometimes waiting years for permission, for the opportunity, in fact, for the honor, to become one of us, an American, to EARN the privelige of citizenship.

From USCFILE to all Immigrants: Welcome to America, we are proud and honored to have you here. We wish and hope for you the prosperity and opportunity we have had in our life. This has been OUR reward as Immigrants, our opportunity. Now it is yours, you have earned it as well. Abiding by American law, showing your HONOR, and honesty, makes you a welcome citizen, thank you for your patience and understanding. May all your hopes for opportunity and prosperity come true.

The Illegal Alien, on the other end of the spectrum, chooses to make his own rules and opportunities in America. He has no respect for the law of the land he seeks to inhabit. He wants the advantages of citizenship without the laws associated with obtaining it. He does not represent an immigrant, or a citizen, and is an embarrassment to both. He represents only a felon, a criminal abiding by laws of his choosing, cheating others for his own gain.

His VERY FIRST act entering the US is to disregard the laws of the country he wishes to become a part of. He is not worthy of being an American, a citizen. By his own methodology, and deceit, HE IS NOT AN IMMIGRANT either, he is NOT WORTHY of being and Immigrant. Immigrants, true immigrants, follow laws and play by the rules, they respect their new country and it’s laws from the outset. How can the same be said for an Illegal Alien?

An Illegal alien is not an undocumented worker, nor is he an undocumented Immigrant, or any of the other Politically correct descriptions assigned to him by the media, pro-immigration organizations, MSNBC, or anybody else. Two things Illegal Aliens are NOT are Americans or Immigrants. They are very simply felons, law breakers, victims of their own lies and deceit. Demanding changes to the laws they break. This is the law of the land, it is not USCFILE’s law. It's America's law, and WE WANT IT ENFORCED. This is the current United States of America Law:

Federal law provides that any alien who 1) enters or attempts to enter the U.S. at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, 2) eludes examination by immigration officers, or 3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the U.S. by a willfully false or misleading representation is guilty of improper entry by an alien. For the first commission of the offense, the person is fined, imprisoned up to six months, or both, and for a subsequent offense, is fined, imprisoned up to 2 years, or both (8 U.S.C. § 1325).

Whats not to understand?? Simply put, anybody entering this country without authorization, or refusing to follow the laws of the land, or entry procedures to The United States of America, is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Race?? Well, Black, White, Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, Green, 3-Eyes, 3 arms, Purple. It doesn’t matter. You are an Illegal Alien. You broke the rules, and violated our laws. You must leave our country, even if it is now your Illegal home. You must get in line, and follow the Immigrants lead, the ones you seek to be, the ones that are ashamed of your behavior and demands. THEY are the ones YOU should respect for their honesty, patience, and courage. You dare to call yourself an immigrant?? Forget about Americans, forget about USCFILE! Ask an immigrant that played by the rules if THEY think you deserve to be a citizen??

You will NEVER hear a pro immigration organization refer to Illegals as Illegal Aliens. Never. They try to compare illegal aliens to immigrants, make them the same in our eyes. These organizations are terribly, terribly mistaken. They shame and embarrass immigrants who take pride in their honesty and integrity to follow the rules of citizenry. They call Anti-Illegal organizations Anti-Immigrant organizations, racist organizations, hate groups, out to get the immigrants, when in fact all anti-illegal organizations ARE Immigrants, or descendants of Immigrants. The difference? WE FOLLOWED THE RULES !!

On a personal note Alfonso? You’re not even on our radar. Our mission is clear, and you’re not part of it. You’re not even a part of our opposition. You’re no distraction whatsoever. You’re just a small, bitter, insignificant, misguided little man with a blog. In fact, as the title above says, you’re the smallest man in Danbury.


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