United States citizens for immigration law Enforcement (uscfile.org) is an immigration law enforcement group based in Danbury, Ct. Our organization was formed out of necessity to address the influx of Illegal Aliens flooding Danbury and neighboring towns in search of work.

As is with most towns across the United States, Danbury is being virtually taken over by the influx of Illegal Aliens crossing our borders without regard to U.S. Immigration, crime, or employment laws. In short, these Illegals seek a "short cut" to a better life for their families and themselves, yet are not interested in following the laws that allow all immigrants the privelige of working here and becoming a legal citizen. Uscfile IS NOT A HATE GROUP, and hold no bias against ANY race or ethnic culture seeking to become a U.S. citizen LEGALLY.

Our Goals

We want U.S. immigration law enforced. Title 8 USC already covers all the steps necessary to stop illegal immigration. No immigration reform is needed, except by politicians that seek to undermine immigration law and employers that seek cheap labor. We are against any form of guest worker/amnesty programs.

We are not against legal immigration. The borders must be closed to illegal immigration in order to maintain regulated, orderly immigration. The invasion has to stop. This is also necessary to secure the United States from terrorism. While most of the people jumping the border are not terrorists, terrorists are entering with them.

Employers that hire illegal aliens must be prosecuted to end the accessibility to jobs that draws the illegals in the first place.

Illegal aliens must be denied bank accounts, apartments, drivers licenses and access to welfare programs.

We want those here illegally to go home or be sent home. If they are denied jobs they will have to leave.

We want repeal or clarification of the 14th Amendment to end the misuse of “birthright citizenship” and anchor babies”.

We want English to be made the official language of the United States.